Depression Is Your Avatar Telling You It’s Tired of Being the Character You Are Trying To Play

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By Jessrey Carpenter

“Depression is your avatar telling you its tired of being the character you are trying to play” — Jimmy Carrey

Depression is a natural part of existing. We all will encounter some type of depression in our lifetime. Depression is healthy but how you cope and deal with depression can become unhealthy.

Why are you depressed? What is the reasoning for your depression? It's odd to question yourself this but it important to understand why are you in the depressive state that you are in. If you can provide yourself with an answer then you find a solution and put yourself in a position that makes you feel better.

I scrolled upon Jim Carrey's quote on social media and it really speaks volumes. We may keep asking ourselves the same questions but still can't find the answer that ends it or helps us through. What character are you tired of playing?

We may be tired of being strong. We may be tired of being someone's shadow. We may be tired of our current job. It is important to understand that you are always in control through your depression may make you feel like you aren't.

In dealing with your depressions its is your sad self telling your better self that you are stuck. It's not the best feeling in the world but it makes you feel like you have no other option other than to still playing that character. So how do you fix this feeling?

Healthy spontaneity is a start. What's something you have always wanted to do? Let it be something that makes you the boss and make you feel like you are in control and not your feeling.

We live in a world where you can honestly be anything you want to be. You want to move to a new state and start a new life then do it. You want to start a business do your research and do it. Do not let that old character stop you.



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